Volume vs. Actual Weight

According to the airline's charging regulations, the basis of the charge will be compared with the [Volume weight] and [Actual weight] of the package, and the larger one will be counted as the weight.

Please refer to the following airline charging rules:

Volume Weight
Parcel (long cm x width cm x height cm) / 6000

Take the larger charges

Less than 1 KG rounded as1 KG

Actual Weight
Parcel Weight(kg)

Hoyoyo considers the customer's economic needs, so we will share part of the volume weight with customer, Hoyoyo volume charge rules:

{[Parcel (Long*width*height) / 6000] + actual weight }/ 2


ExampleLong cmWidth cmHeight cmVolume WeightActual Weight (kg)Charging methodCharging weight(kg)
A40304086.5Actual Weight7
B3030253.751Volume Weight2.375
C605030154Volume Weight