Steering Wheel - Warehouse Speical Operation Fee Notice

Dear Valued Customer,

Due to strict Japanese Export regulation, steering wheel contains air bags or explosive material will not able to export from Japan.

If steering wheel contains one of those components, please kindly inform customer service to communicate with seller for removing the component before shipping. If seller not agree or refuse to disassemble the components, Hoyoyo warehouse staff can remove the parts for easy shipping arrangement.

Since the component dismantling is a special warehouse operation, a 2500 Yen service fee will be charged for each product.

**This special operation fee is non-refundable

**Hoyoyo warehouse personnel are not auto technicians who are not familiar with auto mobile assembly and disassembly. If any damages or scratches caused during the disassembly, there will be no compensation for the lost, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

How to identify if the wheel contains air bag / explosives?

Contains explosive materials, usually with Yellow part:

Without Explosives or air bag:

Hoyoyo reminder: If you have any inquiry about the product or uncertainty, please don't hesitate to contact customer service for further details and delivery arrangements.

Thank you for your understanding, hope you have an Enjoyable Shopping!