Opportunity Knocks at the Door Only Once

Members can log in to Hoyoyo-Account Info-Promotion Link , to view the details of the Member Referral Program.

Rules and Regulations:

1. All participants will be deemed to agree and abide by all the rules of the activities established by Hoyoyo.

2. All referrer must be an existing Hoyoyo member, and new member (referee) must never use Hoyoyo service before.

3.The coupons cannot be transferred , exchanged for cash or other goods, and cannot be extended or reissued.

4.Discount coupons cannot be used with other offers and cash coupons.

5.Coupons can be used to reduce the charges of international shipping.

6.When a new recommended member join, the referrer will enjoy a 150Yen coupon (valid within 14days), and the referee also enjoy a 300Yen coupon (valid for 14 days). When the recommended member used 300Yen coupon, referrer shall get 2 additional 250Yen coupon (valid for 14days).

7.This offer are not included for pre-order or reservation item.

8.Participants who violate the terms and conditions will be canceled from all offers.

9.If the order is a sensitive/regulated product and cannot be shipped or the waybill delayed caused the expiry coupon, Hoyoyo will not reissue the coupon because the customer has the responsibility to read the purchase and embargo notice before place order.

10.Any delays caused by the registration progress , incorrect info, network interruption which not caused by Hoyoyo system. Hoyoyo shall not bear any consequences.

11.Hoyoyo reserved the right to change the content of the offer without prior notice.

12.Any personal data collected during this event will not be disclosed to third parties, and will be kept confidential.

13.In case of dispute, Hoyoyo Limited reserves the right of final decision, and the offer must be limited by the company's rules and regulations.

Hoyoyo wish you a Happy shopping!