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Fedex Shipping Instructions :

Shipping Fee for combined orders: from 0 yen
You can combine multiple parcels into one to save shipping cost. Hoyoyo provides up to 5 parcel combine service for free (extra charges will occur if you have too many parcels to cover our packaging material). 100yen per parcel will be charged if your combined order exceeds 5 items.
*Total weight for each combined parcel must not exceed 10kg.

*FEDEX US Transport Restrictions:
* Total weight can not over 10kg each time
* Maximun length 1m or less
* If (Length+Width+Height) > 2 meter,you can not use this shipping service.

*According to the airline's charging regulations, the basis of the charge will be compared with the [Volume weight] and [Actual weight] of the package, and the larger one will be counted as the weight.
*It takes approximately 3 to 5 working days for mail to arrive at the destination.
*FEDEX needs to take the initiative to custom declare. Customers shall bear the taxes themselves if they occur!
*FEDEX freight charges = Hoyoyo Freight x fuel surcharges percentage.
*Fuel surcharges update on every Monday:
*Recipient's name(follow the Country Identity document) and address must be true.
*sending products containing lithium metal batteries and lithium ion batteries are prohibited.
*Please note: Additional 2190yen will be charged if delivered on Saturdays and Sundays during public Holidays.
*FEDEX returned parcels may generate a charge of more than 2000Yen and it will bear with its customer. Please do not simply refuse or return the parcel.
*FEDEX may charge additional fee if the location is a remote region and delivery time will be delayed.
*The charge is based on the weight measured by Hoyoyo Japan Warehouse. The outer packaging may retain or remove according to the actual situation and pack into suitable size for express delivery.
*If the customers does not choose any specific packaging(default mode), our staff will pack all the items in 1 or more boxes according to the actual condition and size. However, no compensation can be made afterwards, Hoyoyo reserves all the rights.
*Hoyoyo reserves all the final decisions and rights