​ Yahoo! JAPAN Auction -The current bank charge is only 100 yen! ! !

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Yahoo! JAPAN Auction
The current bank charge is only 100 yen! ! !

Yahoo! The charm of JAPAN auctions

Yahoo! JAPAN auctions have more than 60 million products. From limited editions and precious antiques products, in more than 40,000 categories, there’s mostly anything you want!

A great opportunity to get your favorite products at an amazing price!

It is impossible to predict the final price of the product until the final bidding is completed? While enjoying the unique fun of bidding in the auction, you should not miss the great opportunity to buy rare treasures at a low price!

Event Time

2.Event Content:
During the event period, Yahoo auction order in HOYOYO will directly reduce the bank charge of 200 yen (original bank charge of 300 yen)

The current bank charge is only 100 yen! ! !

Please contact Facebook customer service for discounts

1.If the event cannot be executed due to special reasons for force majeure , the organizer reserves the right to cancel , terminate , modify or suspend the activity .
2. This event offer will not be able to combine with other coupons.
3. Anyone who participates in this event shall comply with the organizer's activities , terms of service , usage rules and other regulations related to any transactions, and if there are any violations , participants will automatically lose the qualification to participate , and if it is any winner , the winning qualification will be cancelled.
4. Regarding prohibited items restrictions on air/sea shipping , please read the relevant restrictions and regulation before purchasing. For detail , please refer >> Prohibited items
5. Members may not be able to enjoy the discount if the following issue occurs when filling up the auction/purchase form such as wrong amount, data error , out of stock etc.
6. After purchase , if you require replacement or cancellation due to a defective item , you will not be able to enjoy the discount from the original order.
7. Products on all Japanese online website platforms do not support return and exchange services, please confirm the product information carefully before placing an order.
8. If there is any delay, loss , error sent or registered by participants due to computers, internet which are not caused by our company. We do not assume any legal responsibility and participants may not object to this.
9. Once the event starts, this service reserves the right to terminate or modify the rule and regulation of the event.

HOYOYO wishes you a happy shopping~