Bid notes

1. How to differentiate a personal seller or a shop ? 
If it is a shop , the seller information will be display on the left side of the detail of items . This kind of store are willing to take responsible if any faulty on the merchantdise. 
2. Is it possible to cancel the transaction after winning the bidding ? 
Due to the integrity ,as well as the protection of the Yahoo Japan account rating , the items can not be canceled once a successful bid. 
3 How to know if the seller has set the minimun bid price? 
Japan Yahoo Auction : 
When the bidding page shows ※「現在の価格」は最低落札価格に達していません。 
It means the seller has been set up a lowest bidding price. If nobode reach the lowest bid price until the times up , it will show 〝なし〞 on the highest bid , which means nobody wins the auction ! Or if anyone exceed the lowest bid , ※「現在の価格」は最低落札価格に達していません。these words will be disappear and the highest bid will show the bidder's account ! 
4 . How do I increase the bid ? 
Before the time up , choose "increase bid" to fill in the maximum bid amount in the user's bid order page. 
※ You must have sufficient balance in your account to use the increase bid function . 
5. How much should I increase the bid. 
Bid price range The minimum increase in each bid
0-999 Yen                       10 Yen
1000-4999 Yen                100 Yen
5000-9999 Yen                250 Yen
10000-49999 Yen            500 Yen
50000 Yen And Above     1000 Yen
6. Asking question or inquiry to the Store / Seller . 
We can help you asking any question to the seller before placing a bid , but also please understand the following note: 
1. Please try not to ask the seller "how much low price? How much money is willing to sell?" Or ask us to bargain to each other. Because the culture is different, almost 99% of Japan's sellers are not accepted bargaining, even you ask the question, most will only get "Please participate in bidding", "please enjoy the fun of bidding" . 
2. Avoid asking any subjective questions,such like “how is the conditions?” “Is it useful?” . Due to the seller's definition may be different from you, and please check the "product photo" and the discriptions to ensure your interests. 
7. If you win multiple bid from same seller , why can't do remittance together or send it together? 
1. If you bid more than one goods on the same day with the seller ,there may subject the goods may win with different bidding account , usually our staff will try to communicate with the seller to remittance together or send it together.But It is also possible that the seller's request for individual remittance and sent separately, buyer shall bare if any additioal charges accur. 
2. Even if you win more than one with a same seller , the seller may be different branches or part of the goods shipped directly from the manufacturers,this also resulting  the goods can not be combined to send together. 
8. What is the "Bid Now" 
“Bid Now” is a bidding system that helps you increase the min. price increase(refer FAQ No.5) ; Before the auction ends , if anyone has the bid that higher than you, the system will automatically increase one block of the min. bid . It will stop increase until it reach your highest bid setting. 
Recomend using “Bid Now” function : 
a. If there is a direct purchase price for the bid and you have to buy it directly. 
b. Place a bid while auction already start 60min. 

c. Increase bid 10min. before the auction end. 

9. If the winning price is lower than your hignest bid setting. Will it 

refund the balance ? 
Yes , the balance amount will credit to your account. you can check in “My Orders”. 
10. Is there any charges if I lose the Auction ? 
If you lose the bidding , the system will be refunded in full without any charges. You can check the details in “My Orders” 
11. Can you cancel the bidding or it is already won ? 
Due to the integrity ,as well as the protection of the Yahoo Japan account rating , the biddings can not be canceled . 
12. It take how long to receive the item after won the Auction? 
After winning a bid , usually the seller will contact us via E-mail to arrange payment and shipping. Normally it takes 3-5 working days to send the item to our Japan oversea warehouse. We will directly sent the parcel to customers , it takes around 3-40 days (depend which shipping method you choose). Some sellers are non-professional sellers so may a long time to reply or take longer times send to our warehouse , this might effect the estimated timing . 
13. Why some of the goods take longer to arrive ? 
Because some of the shopping site not easy to handle the status , for example : special made products , out of stocks and waiting restocks . It is hard to estimate status and when it send out , this might effect to the receiving timing . We recommend you made some inquiry with the seller before place a order. 
14 What problem will face when place a order on pre-sale or custom made merchandise? 
When you place an order on “Pre-sale” or “Custom Made Product” , it might take few month to ready the goods , or you might end up an delay of the promised date by seller . Since the order placed cannot be canceled , we suggest you think carefully before place the order. 
15., How to inform seller if your bidding items need to select specifications, model, color, size, quantity or processing . 
If your bidding order for the product need to be select or inform the specifications, model, color, size, quantity or processing, please fill up the bidding form "Remarks column" to indicate. If the seller already has sent out goods, you need to bare the shipping fare if sent back for exchange, or some sellers do not agree with exchange or replacement, so please fill up the bidding order carefully.