About HOYOYO Fund Manage details

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*About HOYOYO Fund Manage details

**What is Balance?

Balance = Freeze amount + Available balance

**What is the Freeze amount?

Freeze amount = on going purchasing item

**What does it means Freeze amount?

Freeze amount will happen when you have already placed an order, when our purchaser teams process your order it will be frozen. After we successfully pay the seller, the item will be sent to our Japan warehouse with only the frozen amount on the customer account. At the same time, once successfully paid the seller will deduct Japan Local Shipping fees(if any) & 300 JPY Japan Bank Charge too.

**What is Available balance?

Available balance = Balance - Freeze amount

Example 1: (when you don’t have place any order)

(1) Balance: 200

(2) Freeze amount: 0

(3) Available Balance: 200

Example 2:(when you have already placed an order which price is 170)

(1) Balance: 200

(2) Freeze amount: 170

**only freeze the item price NOT included Bank Charges

(3) Available Balance: 30

Example 3:(when the order you placed have overdue amount)

(1) Balance: 200

(2) Freeze amount: 220

(3) Available Balance: -20

**the overdue of 20 may be handling fees from the seller, Japan Local Shipping fees, Bank Charges etc.