Card Captor Sakura - Kinomoto Sakura - 1/7 - Stars Bless You (Good Smile Company) カードキャプターさくら 木之本桜 Stars Bless You 1/7 完成品フィギュア[グッドスマイルカンパニー]【送料無料】《発売済・在庫品》

Product description

Prototype production: Takayuki Kawahara

With the Good Smile Company celebrating the 15th anniversary in 2016 and the 20th anniversary of the series starting in 2016, "Nakayoshi" collaboration with "Card Captor Sakura" which the new series "Clear Card Edition" started from July issue of 2016 Planning!
Original: I made three-dimensional illustrations directly from CLAMP's drawing.
Of course not only the expression of cherry blossoms, but also delicate touch such as skirt ruffle and expression of hair carefully reproduced. Furthermore, the pedestal with the motif of the celestial body and the moon motif, I am expressing the difference of texture finely, so that I can enjoy the charm of the illustration as a three-dimensional object as well.
Please come and have the greatest formative beauty that has become a memorial item!

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