Charge Details

Charges Sections (Applied for all Japanese Websites)

**If there is extra operation fees incurred during purchasing, all costs will be charged accordingly.

**All successful purchased/winning items cannot be canceled. We�apologize for any�inconveniencecaused.

Warehouse rent:Free for 30 days.

Member should arrange shipment within 30 days after items arrive to HOYOYO. After 30 days, HOYOYO will charge each parcel JPY 50 per day.

Special Warehouse Operation Fees:

1. Repackaging: 300 JPY each parcel

2. Photo shooting:

Sizes Costs

Small & Medium

150 JPY per set


300 JPY per set


Special Quotation (please ask Customer Service)

3. Special Operation fees: 1000 JPY - 3000 JPY depends on the difficulty of the task

4. Remove packaging:



250 JPY


400 JPY


650 JPY


Special Quotation (please ask Customer Service)

**HOYOYO Warm Reminder: If item values over 50,000 Yen, we suggest customer to request for photo shooting when item arrived Japanese Warehouse. (Operation price can be quoted by customer service.)

Transport restrictions

* If (Length+Width+Height) > 1.7 meter,another quotation is required
--like Car Parts, before you buy it,please contact/ask our staff to check the item accord the post rule or not.

* Total weight can not over 30kg each time

* Maximun length1.5m or less

* If (Length+Width+Height) > 3 meter,you can not use this shipping service.