The statement letter from Hoyoyo

This is a statement letter from Hoyoyo. 

 Due to the rapid grow of Hoyoyo business, our customer service might not able to answer all the questions about purchasing/transportation/questioning/ordering process for every customers , resulting in stagnation and communication understanding differences issue.Hoyoyo hereby apologies to our precious user and hope that each dear customer can take some time to read our service objectives, processes and all the terms and conditions of the site in order to speed up the understanding for the customer service and shorten the time of customerservice communication. 

 Dear members Please remember that Hoyoyo is a third-party seller in Japan, an agent of Japan transportation company.This site does not sell, produce, manufacture, whole selling and importing goods and retailing. 

 The logistics plan selected by the members of this site is the service of the third-party logistics company.We only proceed the service selected according by the customer. 

 All successful purchase and payment orders cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.If the customer is strongly requesting, Hoyoyo can only handle it at his discretion.

Hoyoyo online customer service is an assistant to who is not familiar with the process of the site.The customer is responsible for tracking the order status and logistics mode before and after the order.The final decision-making right is in the hands of the member.Hoyoyo customer service is only to assist the role and provide the estimated amount and timeliness.It will not interfere with the final decision-making power of the customer.Finally, the transportation mode chosen by the customer may be different from the customer service quotation, there might be a minor difference on cost and timeliness .