Tracking Fees

Tracking Fees



A4 size and thickness within 2.5 cm
Accessories, smart cases, thin clothes, etc.
195 Yen (tax included)

Small Package

Small Packet

Children's clothing, small toys, groceries, etc.
※COD shipping will generate extra 30 yen (including tax) 
※Special materials purchased separately for 65 yen (tax included)
380Yen(tax included)

Large Package

Box package

The total size of the box includes the length, width and

height of the packaging material.

Suitable for thick clothes, shoes, lots of groceries, etc.
COD shipping will generate extra 30 yen (including tax)
※All prices include national tax

60 size(2 kg): 600Yen
80 size(5 kg): 700Yen
100 size(10 kg): 900Yen
120 size(15 kg): 1,000Yen
140 size(20 kg): 1,200Yen
160 size(25 kg): 1,500Yen

**Tracking service will only be applied on the item's value which is 5000 JPY or above. This site recommends that customers purchase goods worth 5,000 yen or more, please choose.

*The above price is the reference from Japan Carrier. For large products, it is recommended to ask the seller for specific charges before purchase.
*The cost of the final adjustment may vary depending on the packaging and carrier that chosen by the seller.

*The final price will be collected base on the seller's actual shipping fee, Hoyoyo reserves all rights to the final decision.

How to request shipment with tracking?

Why do I need to request a tracking number? 

If you choose the standard post without tracking number, the parcel will not be compensated if any loss, individual may bear for the total risk.