Prohibited Items

Prohibited items

Common embargo items:

Various types of lithium batteries
(NOT attach with equipment, external independent battery)


Power Bank     


Wireless earphone storage box
** Wireless earphone storage box with charging function, it is regarded as an external independent lithium battery is an embargo items. For example, Apple Airpods wireless earphone charging box.


E-cigarette                                                       Hair dye coloring/Hair Tonic


Perfume / Fragrance

Nail polish                                                         Lighter


Various hydraulic spray cans
** Usually made of aluminum hydraulic tank, it is an explosive item. It may explode during transportation. It is an embargo items.

Contraband in all Countries

1) Gunpowder
** Fireworks, firecrackers, ammunition, etc ...

2) High-pressure gas
** Lighter inflatable tank, Oxygen cylinder, Camping gas tank, Hydraulic spray can, Fire extinguisher

3) Liquid Flammable
** Perfume, Fragrance, Essential oil, Nail polish, Hair Tonic liquid, Sunscreen, Lighter, Alcoholic beverage, Oily liquid

4) Solid Flammable
** Matches, Charcoal, etc ...

5) Oxygenated articles
** Small oxygen generator, bleach, hair dye

6)Toxic substance
** Insecticides, Pesticides

7) Radioactive material
** Radioactive pollutants, nuclear waste, uranium

8)Corrosive substance
** Liquid battery, Mercury

Courier contract terms
Items detailed below are prohibited to export from Japan according to Japanese law. We are obligated to strictly forbid such items to be ordered to ship to an address outside of Japan. The shipper, individual and the Company, as Carrier shall acknowledge the following terms and conditions as mutually agreed and legally binding. Once order successfully placed and confirm, individuals regarded as agree to accept and comply with the terms of this contract.

The following goods are ineligible for international shipping, please kindly take notes, thank you.

Prohibited items

Car, motorcycle

The entire car

Explosive contraband

Such as various kinds of guns and ammunition, fireworks, firecrackers, flares, shotguns, air guns, fishing guns, drugs, gas, knives, bullets, explosives and other weapons as well as various flammable items such as matches, lighters, Volatile goods and so on.

Animals, plants

All animals and plants (living or non-living or part), such as butterfly specimens, animal and plant specimens, crocodiles, ivory, bone products, horns, rhino horns, lizards, fossils, animal skin products, animal fur, Dry flowers and so on.


All raw and cooked meat and meat products, such as fresh food, raw meat, ham, sausage, beef jerky, or other meat products, meat processed foods.

Perishable food and drink, health food, medicine, medical supplies

All products that require a doctor's certificate, such as perishable food and drink, health food, medicine and medical supplies, such as cold medicine, diet pills and vitamin pills.

Counterfeit goods, pirated products and infringing products

Such as fake brand name, pirated discs and so on

Valuable items

Expensive items such as jewelry, gold, jewelry, designer bags, cash, vouchers, etc.

Compressed, liquefied or pressure dissolved gas

Such as canned gas, diving oxygen bottles, self-defense sprayer, painting, hair gel, pesticides and so on.


Such as: gasoline and diesel fuel oil, paint, high concentrations of alcohol, containing gas items, thinners and so on.

Flammable solids, pyrophoric substances, reactive substances with water

Such as: matches, ignition and so on.

Toxic substances and infectious substances

Such as: bleach (water, powder), industrial hydrogen peroxide.

Toxic substances and infectious substances

Such as: pesticides, herbicides, active filtration virus.

Radioactive material, corrosive substances

Such as: yttrium-90, indium-111, iodine-123 or radioactive waste; such as: acid, alkali, mercury, lead-acid batteries.

Dangerous goods

Such as: Magnetized (magnets) and sword sticks and so on.


Drugs and their preparations listed under the Drug Control Ordinance, poppy seeds, coca seeds and cannabis seeds.

Knives, gunpowder (toys and supplies)

Weapons and supplies, ammunition, weapons

Infringement of patents, trademarks and copyrighted items

Infringement of patents, trademarks and copyrighted items

Air conditioner

Gas, air conditioners and other products containing refrigerant.


Raw stone, logs (raw wood), smoke, wine , magnetic substances, etc.

1. Hoyoyo is only responsible for proxy bidding and purchase service, the customer should bear the risk. Please evaluate the seller rating before purchase. Novices or poor evaluation seller, please kindly avoid purchasing from them as much as you can. If the seller not ship out goods after receiving payment, we will assist you requesting compensation from seller, but we are not responsible for the payment or compensation. Please accept our apology. If the seller sent the wrong goods or sent the damaged goods, loss, Hoyoyo will assist you request a refund, individuals should be responsible for all consequences expenses arising.

2. Hoyoyo will not offer the maintenance of goods or after-sales service.

3. Hoyoyo reserves the right of final decision for every order.

4. When an individual receives the goods as counterfeit goods, Hoyoyo will immediately raise questions to the seller on the web page. If the seller mentioned the goods is a counterfeit goods, Hoyoyo will ask seller to return all the resulting costs, at the same time the goods will be sent back to Japan. If the seller has indicated on the page not sure if it is not genuine, parallel input, parallel imports, direct-in-store purchase ..... as long as there is no clear write To be genuine, Hoyoyo can only try to communicate with the seller.

5. If individual purchase counterfeit goods, and goods being detained by customs.Individual should responsible for related consequences.