Order Process

1. How can I get started after I open my Hoyoyo account?
Thank you for your register, before purchase please go to “My Order” and click "Recharge" to upload your bank details and fill in the relevant information. Hoyoyo will confirm your payment as soon as possible. After the payment being confirmed, available balance will be shown, at this time you may enjoy your shopping.

2. How can I submit an order?
There are only a few steps, as long as simple details of the goods, such as product name, value, seller’s name and related product URLs.
Details can be referred to our website:https://world.hoyoyo.com/help~yahooguide.html

3. How does Hoyoyo charge?
We breakdown the costs into two parts:
Part 1- Japan Section Billing:
Product price with tax + Domestic shipping (if any) + Japan Bank Transfer Handling fee (300 JPY each time)

**If the product is purchased from an online store, 8% Consumption tax may occur**
**Domestic shipping fee is the cost incurred by Japanese sellers sending items to Hoyoyo Japan warehouses. If seller locates as far as Hokkaido or Okinawa, shipping costs will be higher and takes longer than usual. **
**Japan Bank Transfer fee will be charged according to the actual payment, detailed instructions: Hoyoyo Order Procedures 4. **

Part 2 - International Freight:
Air Freight: 900 JPY per 1 KG
Air Door-to-Door Delivery: First 1 KG: 1400 JPY; Additional 1 KG: 1200 JPY
Sea Freight: the first 0.1 cbm: 5000 JPY; Additional 0.1 cbm: 3000 JPY

Estimate shipping cost: https://world.hoyoyo.com./help~logisticsprice.html

**Special warehouse operation request, the operation costs are as follows:

A. When goods arrived to the warehouse, can I request to unbox the product and take pictures of goods?
Yes, but this is a special warehouse operation, so additional service costs may be charged. The cost may different depends on the product size or shape. Hoyoyo advises customers to ask our customer service for quotations before hand.

B. If I want to avoid damages during transportation, can I request special strengthen packaging?
Yes, the special strengthening such as: put more bubble wrap in the box, repackaging the original box, additional costs will be generated. Quotation can be requested from customer service before ship.

4. If I bought more than one merchandise from the same seller, would Hoyoyo be able to waive the bank transfer fees for other items?
1. Most sellers are open to consolidate the parcels if individuals make orders at the same time; Amazon (third-party seller) / Yahoo auction / Mercari individual sellers, Hoyoyo can try to communicate with sellers for consolidation, and the final cost will be charged according to the actual payment.

2. Individuals wish to consolidate, please place orders within 24 hours. If Hoyoyo made payment to seller and resulting in more than one bank charges, customers shall bear the extra bank handling fees.

5. Is it necessary to top up before make an order?
Prior top up is appreciated, but not necessary. Individuals can pay at the time you check out, but cash-on-delivery not accepted.

6. How many top-up channels?
Credit card recharge can top up via Paypal service, the fastest and most convenient recharge method.
** Note: 3.9% service fee will be charged by PayPal**

7. When can I receive the goods after I make the shipping order?
After customer made the shipping order,
EMS Sea: 1 to 3 months
EMS Air: 4 to 7 working days

8. How long does sea freight order take?
Usually 1 to 3 months

9. How many days can I store my goods in transshipment depot?
Goods arrive in the transit warehouse, goods must be shipped within 30 days of delivery - included the arrival notice received date.
If parcels store more than 30 days without ship out, 50 yen per package storage fee will be incurred.

If store more than 90 days and not yet shipped, parcels will be treated as a member agreed to abandon the goods, Hoyoyo has no obligation to further notice, and possess the right to handle the goods, members shall not request compensation afterward.

10. If the product is a reservation item, can I buy it?

Yes, as long as the guests are willing to pay the full product price, reservation goods are welcome to submit to us.

11. If I remain some balance on Hoyoyo and not willing to purchase anymore, can I get a refund?
Yes, refund can be requested when customer login.
Refunding to Paypal account, customer will be leaded to Paypal option.

12. Is there any notification will be received when the goods arrive at the transition warehouse or Pick up center?
Hoyoyo will be notified by e-mail, please kindly keep a valid contact information in order to receive the latest news and cargo status.

13. At the time I place the bid, I have sufficient balance in my account for the price of the goods, but at the time to increase amount , the remaining balance insufficient. Can I continue placing the order?
No, customers must top up before increase the price or pay the amount via Paypal at the time you increase the amount.

14. If the product finally falls on other tenderers, will the cost be returned to the account? Will Hoyoyo charge me for service fee?
The amount will be returned to the account, after the bid end and transaction cancelled. Hoyoyo will not charge service fee for unsuccessful purchase.

15. Can I purchase by myself and ask Hoyoyo to pay on behalf?
Sorry, no! In order to protect the interests of all customers and unnecessary disputes, all purchases must be handled on Hoyoyo platform. Customers are able track all processes such as payment records and cargo status on Hoyoyo.